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Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation

Light A Soul Support Services believes in the power of innovative community participation to promote social inclusion, skill development, and meaningful engagement for individuals with disabilities. Our innovative community participation service is designed to provide individuals with unique and creative opportunities to participate in their local community, pursue their interests, and develop new skills.

Our service includes:

  • Designing and implementing community programs to support social inclusion and engagement of people with disabilities
  • Building skills and capacities of individuals to increase their participation in community activities
  • Facilitating access to community events, programs, and services
  • Developing individualized plans to support community participation
  • Providing assistance with transportation and mobility to facilitate community access
  • Engaging with community members and organizations to promote social inclusion and understanding of disability
  • Supporting individuals to develop and maintain social connections and relationships
  • Offering opportunities for skill-building, such as cooking, gardening, art, and other creative activities
  • Providing training and education on disability awareness and advocacy
  • Supporting individuals to navigate challenges that may arise in community participation, such as communication barriers or discrimination.

Why To Choose
Light A Soul Support Services?

Our services are aimed at transforming lives, one step at a time, by providing tailored support, empowering opportunities, and a positive, nurturing environment for individuals with disabilities to thrive.

Person-Centered Approach

Our person-centered approach ensures that our participants are at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with each individual, their families, and the community to create personalized solutions that promote their independence, well-being, and quality of life.

Culturally Responsive Services

We value diversity and strive to provide culturally responsive services. Our team is trained in working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, respecting their beliefs, values, and customs, and providing inclusive care that is sensitive to their unique needs.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Safety and quality are our top priorities. We maintain rigorous quality assurance processes, including regular audits, monitoring, and feedback loops, to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and compliance, providing peace of mind to our participants and families.

Empowerment and Independence

We are dedicated to empowering our participants and promoting their independence. We work collaboratively with them to set and achieve their goals, build skills, and enhance their self-determination, fostering a sense of purpose and achievement.